Reason #22 I Didn’t Go to College: My Rant About College Textbooks

I never went to college, in case you didn’t guess that from the title or from my whole theme of going through the school of hard knocks. There are a lot of reasons why I didn’t think it was the right place for me, or the right thing to do, and I can honestly say that years later, it was definitely the right choice.


I personally never learned anything in a classroom. I’m not exaggerating at all. I remember jack-squat  from a teacher or a book I read in school. I remember loads of things I’ve been told by farmers and mechanics I’ve worked for, and from people I admired when I was a kid. I’ve picked up pretty much any skill I have now in a non-formal setting whether it’s how to change a tire or fix a hinge pin.

I learn from experience, and I think that’s true for most people. I don’t think you can learn anything practical from a book. You learn it from actually doing things and practicing over time. You learn from trial and error and good old fashioned blood sweat and tears. That’s how anything gets done in this world. Everybody I’ve ever admired, all the great men in my life, they never went to school. They figured things out for themselves.


So it seemed ridiculous that I’d spend 4 years of my life and end up in shitloads of debt just to go to college. I mean, what’s the point of paying to get a welding degree when you can get paid to work as an apprentice? Same thing with basically any degree. I think unless we’re talking about engineering or chemistry, your time’s spent better out doing stuff. If you want to be a writer, cool. Go write. You can’t learn it by studying literary theory.

The whole thing seems to be perfectly summed up by college textbooks. I’ve never seen a more ridiculous sham that nobody seems to stand up to. What a racket. You pay for books that are hundreds of dollars, and you’re gonna buy books you’ll never read again for what? No reason. Half of those books, you’ll read once and throw away. The other half, you won’t even read all the way through. I’ve had friends in college who complain to me about how their professor made them get the latest edition of whatever book, for $50 extra, when there was no actual differences, and when they didn’t even get to half the chapters in the class.
That, to me, is a fucking college degree in one concept. You pay to waste years of your life on knowledge you won’t use, facts you’re going to forget in a year at the most, and you’re just delaying the time when you actually have to start getting jobs and coming up with plans. My advice? Just get a job.